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Heartlinks makes helps me cope and feel better.


Training Information

Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer community.

To become a Heartlinks volunteer: 

1. Fill out a volunteer application here.  At training, you will be asked to complete several other forms one of which includes permission for Heartlinks to conduct a criminal background and personal reference check.

2. Sign up and complete our volunteer training which covers common questions and concerns related to childhood grief as well as Heartlinks volunteer expectations.  At training, you can explore volunteer roles and determine your level of involvement.

3. Heartlinks will confirm your interest in volunteering through email or by phone.  We will sign you up for our monthly newsletter so you can stay in touch.

4. If you are a student looking for a practicum site please give Diana a call at (618) 277-1800. We have many unique opportunities for you here at Heartlinks but our space for students is limited.

5. If you need community service hours, please call Melissa at (618) 277-1800 for specific events or opportunities that may be appropriate to fulfill your requirements.