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Heartlinks helps me cope and feel better.


FAQs about Volunteering

Do I have to have had a personal loss to be a volunteer?
No, although many volunteers have experienced a personal loss, it is not a requirement. All you need is a heart for grieving children, teens and adults.

Can I volunteer one time?
There is no restriction on how many times someone can volunteer; we appreciate whatever you can do. If you want to volunteer for a specific event or job, training may not be required, or abbreviated training may be available. Call us for details at (618)277-1800 or email us at with your specific wishes. If we can accommodate your needs, we will.

How old do you need to be to volunteer?
We ask that children be at least 13 to volunteer.

How much of my time will it take to be a Heartlinks Volunteer?

  • The amount of time you spend is up to you. We have many flexible opportunities.
  • For a monthly group volunteer, we meet once a month for approximately 3-3.5 hours.
  • If you’re wanting to volunteer only for Events, volunteers can spend 1 to 3 hours helping out.
  • Outreach volunteers usually spend about 4 to 5 hours per Outreach activity. Outreach takes place mainly in the summer.
  • Are you better suited for work in the office? Do you have mad Excel skills that you’d love to share or develop? We need you and your time. The amount of time is up to you.
  • Do you have specific skills you can share with us like a craft activity, a new cooking technique or cool projects? We would like to talk to you about this!
  • Can you help us spread the word about Heartlinks? We train people to speak on behalf of Heartlinks.
  • If you have an idea about ways to support Heartlinks, we can use your skills to help us with fundraising and events.

I want to do my internship or service project with Heartlinks. How do I make this happen?
Email us at or call us at (618) 277-1800 and let’s talk about it. Special projects and internships are done on a case-by-case basis according to how your needs mesh with the needs of Heartlinks’ programs. Space is limited for intern positions, so get in touch early.