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“Just talking to people who understand helped me feel less overwhelmed. The written information made the difference in the middle of the night.”  



Heartlinks has information for grieving people and helping professionals. You might be looking for ways to explain the death in your family, information on how to prepare a child for the funeral, or how you can support a student in your class who has experienced a death. Learning the words to use can be difficult but so important when dealing with death. Our resources guide can help as you support your family or the children and families with whom you are working.

Children and Teens

5 Things to do to Support Kids in Turbulent Times – Information and practical ideas to help caregivers of children manage times of change and stress

How Do I Tell The Kids– Practical ideas on sharing hard news about death with children

Remembering Snowy – A children’s book written by Heartlinks to help kids remember their loved ones

Parenting a Grieving Teen – Pointers to help you navigate your teen through their grief

8 Tips for Self Care for Teens – Teens should check out this resource if they are struggling with grief


Things to Know About Grief– Basic grief information for all ages

Helping Yourself In Times of Change– Information about self-care and supporting people you care about going through hard times

Helping People You Love In Times of Change– Information about supporting people you care about who are going through hard times

What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving– Tips on how to be respectful when talking to someone who is grieving


Helpful Ideas for Clergy– information on how to support grieving members of your faith community

Facing Loss While Dealing with Life in School– ideas for schools to support grieving students

Additional Resources

Navigating your grief can be difficult so we’ve provided a few resources that may help you through this difficult time.

Father’s Day and Grief

When Grief Darkens Father’s Day

Grief Triggers that can Haunt You on Halloween

Ways to Cope with Holiday Grief

Holiday Bill of Rights for Grieving People

How to Support Your Grieving Children on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

We will continue to refine our list. Please contact us at  or call us at (618) 277-1800 for additional information.


From the author of the book, We Lost Her, Ellen Krohne, our Grief professionals, and other grievers are starting a blog, Grief Reflections. Please visit.