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“Just talking to people who understand helped me feel less overwhelmed. The written information made the difference in the middle of the night.”  



General Grief Resources
  • Things to Know About Grief

    Basic grief information for all ages

  • What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

    Tips on how to be respectful when talking to someone who is grieving

  • Helping Yourself in Times of Change

    Information about self-care and supporting yourself while going through hard times

  • Helping People You Love in Times of Change

    Information about self-care and supporting people you love while going through hard times

Supporting Children & Teens
  • 5 Things to Support Kids in Turbulent Times

    Information and practical ideas to help caregivers of children manage times of change and stress

  • How to Tell the Kids

    Practical ideas on sharing hard news about death with children

  • Remembering Snowy

     A children’s book written by Heartlinks to help kids remember their loved ones

  • Parenting a Grieving Teen

    Pointers to help you navigate your teen through their grief

  • Self-Care Tips for Teens

    Teens should check out this resource if they are struggling with grief

Special Days, Holidays, Etc.
  • Coping with Holiday Grief

    10 ways to help yourself during the holidays

  • Holiday Bill of Rights for Grieving People

    You have the right this holiday season to...

  • Halloween Grief Triggers

    Managing grief during the Halloween season

  • Supporting Grieving Children on Mother's & Father's Day

    Information on supporting children that have lost a mother or father figure

  • Father's Day and Grief

    Information on how to support yourself and others who have lost a father figure

  • When Grief Darkens Father's Day

    Tips on how to support your grief during Father's Day

Community / School
  • Helpful Ideas for Clergy

    Information on how to support grieving members of your faith community

  • Handling Loss at School

    Ideas for schools to support grieving students

Heartlinks continues to refine this list of grief resources. Please contact us at or call us at (618) 277-1800 for additional information.