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Spring Time

Spring is finally here!  The sun feels warmer.  The bulbs by my mailbox are just pushing up their tender leaves and the daffodils are ready to pop open.  Many of us feel a general renewal as spring unfolds, a hopefulness as the earth reawakens.

For those of us grieving, it may be hard to embrace that feeling.  We may see all the beauty about to present itself in spring flowers and warmer weather, and just wish our loved one was here to share it with.  And, that’s ok.  It’s perfectly normal to experience heightened grief as the seasons change.  Grief does not suddenly go away with the gloom of winter.

So, dear reader, what are we to do if we are grieving or loving someone who is grieving as Spring arrives?  Here are some ideas:

  1. Get outside and take in some sunshine.  If you are feeling like an outing, take a walk around your neighborhood.  If not, just sit in your back yard in the sun.  The fresh air and Vitamin D are healing.
  2. Make a plan. There are many activities the warmer weather brings, such as family outings, vacations, and graduation celebrations.  Remember you are in control of when and which ones you are ready to attend.
  3. Be gentle on yourself as Spring unfolds. Allow yourself your own time to renew and heal.
  4. If you do find yourself feeling down and unable to move forward, seek help. Find a local grief support group or grief counseling.  We in Southwestern Illinois are blessed to have a local resource in Heartlinks Grief Center, a program of Family Hospice in Belleville, Illinois.  They have group and individual counseling programs.  Heartlinks has Grief Support Groups in rural areas, too, including one at the Red Bud Regional Hospital for Randolph County and at Washington County Hospital in Nashville serving Washington County.  Heartlinks phone number is 618-277-1800.  Call them to sign up if you need help.

As I was thinking about the Springs of my life, I realized that I was on a grief journey so I penned this poem.  I hope you enjoy it and I wish you and those you love that are grieving have a blessed springtime.


Spring Time

It’s time –

It’s Spring

When nature births life

New flowers He brings


It’s time –

Move on

But, my heart’s not ready

The pain’s not gone


In time –

I’ll smile

Enjoy His work

It will just take me a little while


In time –

I pray my heart will heal

I know her memory is mine

That, no one can steal


Be blessed,


Ellen Krohne, author of We Lost Her, available on

Heartlinks Grief Center volunteer and Family Hospice board member

“We Grow Stronger Together”

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