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“Many hands lift, with ease, the spirit of the fallen souls that travel a difficult journey in cloaked emotions. Fortunate are we that discover the hands reaching to us to bring us back into the light.”



Am I mad?

You bet I am!

She wasn’t supposed to die.

We pledged our love forever.


We’d only just begun

To fulfill some of the dreams we had.

But we were cheated out of our future together,

And all my dreams are in past tense now.


Our forever lasted thirty-six years,

Which wasn’t nearly long enough.

I’m mad that I’m all alone

And struggle every day to accept it.


I’m mad that I have no one

To bounce ideas off of or share my thoughts with

Whether it’s a major decision that impacts my life

Or a trivial one that doesn’t really matter.


If only the word “mad” didn’t translate to “angry,”

But was an acronym for “Making A Difference,”

Then I could say that

Being MAD has purpose.



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