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“In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

~Sid Caeser

Loss of Power

Bill and I are in Texas this month.  In our cozy little camper.  We were grateful to head south to escape the cold Illinois weather.  We’d been to Florida a few times, so decided to try another spot.

Little did we know we’d experience frigid temperatures, ice, and snow.  Loss of power, water, cell, and WIFI access.  Even no cable, so horrors of horrors, no television!

This experience has confirmed how much we depend on all of these things that our ancestors didn’t even know existed.  In just a few generations, we don’t know how to live without them, especially electricity.

I worked in the electric and gas utility industry for much of my career, and often thought it was curious when people would say, “I lost my power,” and refer to the no power condition as a “loss of power.”

Power is one of the things we don’t appreciate until it is gone, then it’s a loss.

Sometimes, those we love are like that, too.  I know I’ve taken for granted that people in my life would always be there, not appreciating them fully.  When they were gone, I wished I’d valued them more.  Engaged in meaningful conversation with them, really let them know how much I cared about them.  Especially those older than me – those wise grandparents, aunts and uncles, and parents.

As the United States gets our arms around this pandemic, so many are grieving the death of their older family members.  I’m glad that in our youth-crazed world, we are prioritizing the oldest and most vulnerable for the vaccine first.

My challenge for you this month, dear reader, is two-fold.

  1. Sit down with those you love, especially your most senior family members, and talk with them about their life. Get to know them in a deeper way and let them know you cherish them.
  2. Reach out to someone that may be having trouble scheduling a vaccine appointment, or getting to a vaccine distribution center and help them get vaccinated. If you don’t have someone you know to assist, reach out to your local county health department and ask if they need drivers or how you can help.

The loss of power and essential services in Texas was hard, but nothing like what we’ve been through together this year.  Let’s honor those who’ve come before us as we get through this phase of the pandemic and, hopefully, avoid more loss.


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Be blessed,


Ellen Krohne

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Heartlinks Grief Center volunteer and Family Hospice board member

“We Grow Stronger Together”

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