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“Open your arms to life! Let it strut into your heart in all its messy glory!”
–Deborah Wiles

Like a Duck

Like a Duck

Quack!  Quack!  The language of ducks is singular, just one comical sound.  A unique noise, not like any other creature on this earth makes.

I took time to just sit and observe the ducks at our neighbor’s pond one bright day last week.  Mother duck squawked her “Quack! Quack!”  to the brood following her.  And they understood, “Get over her right now!”

Watching baby ducks is delightful.  Soon after birth, baby ducks, called ducklings, open their eyes. A little more than a day after hatching, ducklings can run, swim, and forage for food on their own. The brood stays in the nest for less than a month before Momma’s job is done.

I think ducks walk funny, too, with that awkward waddle – a wonder they can get anywhere.  But they hit the water and it’s another story.  Graceful, swift, they glide across the pond with those strong webbed feet.

And, ducks are resilient. Water runs off their backs and their feathers seem impervious.   The careful, constant pruning of their feathers is what maintains the waxy coating.  We have all heard the saying, “Like water off a duck’s back,” to describe something that has no effect on someone.


As I learned about ducks, I found this video that shows just how persistent even baby ducks are:

Duck Youtube:


When we are grieving those qualities of resilience and persistence are helpful, too.  Few things in life can make us feel knocked down like losing someone we love.  Often if feels like we will never be strong enough to bear the pain, to pick ourselves up.  But like the little ducks, we just keep trying and with help, from those who love us, and those trained to help if we need it, we can.

It is in the resilient, persistent spirit of the duck that Heartlinks Grief Center hosts an annual “Duck Race.”


This fun fundraiser pits the staff members against each other, to see who can bring in the most for the organization.  The losing staff member takes a pie in the face!  Heartlinks Director, Diana, lost the race this year, so she earned the pie in the face. Jody joined her!

Heartlinks staff are the most resilient people I know.  The last two years turned the way the organization could connect with a client upside down.  They found ways to keep helping those who needed them on their grief journey and are incorporating methods to provide remote services into the ongoing operation.  Resilient, just like the quacky duck!


Heartlinks Grief Center provides grief support to all ages, regardless of ability to pay.  If you are grieving or know someone who could use assistance on their grief journey, please contact Heartlinks Grief Center at 618-277-1800 or email

Proceeds from the sale of my books are donated to help support Heartlinks Grief Center, a program of Family Hospice of Belleville, IL.


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