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“In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

~Sid Caeser

It Only Takes a Little Faith

Okawville is the town we call home.  It is one of those small towns where people feel safe, where people care about their neighbors and root on the hometown basketball team.  I was pleasantly surprised when we moved back a couple years ago to find lots of activities and groups to join – a community Bible study, Lions Club, Zumba classes, a great library and lots of others.   One of my favorites is the Okawville Book Club.

The Book Club is open to everyone and has been reading and meeting monthly since 2001.  Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party and chose the books for next year.  Such laughter as we fellowshipped together. The leader of the Book Club and our host for the party was Donna.  Donna was one of the “Book Angels” that provided feedback and encouragement as I wrote my first book, We Lost Her, recently.

Donna also actively lives her faith.  Recently, I lost my nephew, Luke and she sent me the lyrics to a beautiful song of faith, “Even If” by Mercy Me that is providing me strength.  My favorite verse of the song goes:

“They say it only takes a little faith
To move a mountain
Well good thing
A little faith is all I have, right now”

No matter how little our faith is and no matter which source we gain our faith from, I believe having faith is a key to getting through life’s challenges like grief.  My six siblings and I shared five learnings in We Lost Her from our grief journey after our Mom’s death in 1970.  The fourth learning centers on faith:

“Fourth, after much struggle, I do accept that faith will get you through anything, no matter how hard, if you open your heart to it.  In whatever form that faith is to you.  I believe my siblings would agree.  Things happen that are beyond comprehension, questions can live without answers, and we will never know the Why of God’s choice in taking our Mom.  We feel we can choose to have faith, to believe in Him not in spite of, but because of this. 

We know she’s there watching over all of us.  We, seven siblings, grew strong together, looked out for each other, and stayed a family.  We hope that sharing our story gives you hope that you can make it through your grief journey and grow from the experience too.

I wish I had some of my siblings’ levels of belief.  Betty’s absolute trust in His Plan. Tom’s closure in seeing the billboard from God. Annie’s long journey back to Jesus, fueled by a belief in His grace and second chances. Bill’s renewal from his anger. Dan’s love for her even though he can’t remember.  Gary’s trust in God’s final accounting.  I’ll keep working on my faith.”

Heartlinks Grief Center helps those struggling to open their hearts on their grief journey.  If you are struggling or know those that are, please get the help that support can offer. 

All of us struggle, it is just part of living.  Free will, free choice is also a part of living.  In the week ahead, be like my friend, Donna and exercise your will and make that active choice to help someone that you know is struggling, either with their faith, with grief, or other loss.  Reach out to them and help support them as they work to strengthen their faith.  Send them your favorite verse or a card, pray for and with them, or just sit and listen.  Sometimes being silent and just listening to those needing support is the best way to help. 

Here is the link to a YouTube video of the song “Even If”, courtesy of Okawville Book Club leader, Donna. Please take a moment and pass this along to someone you know that may need a little faith this week.

MercyMe – Even If (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

Be Blessed,


“We Grow Stronger Together”

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