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How Will I Know?


Most things in our lives have a distinct beginning, middle, and end.

There’s no doubt when a movie is over;

The credits start to roll, and the music gets more dramatic.

The plot has reached a conclusion, and the characters live happily ever after.


We can tell when winter is coming to an end

When we see the crocus and hyacinth peeking through the snow.

It’s downright obvious that dinner has concluded

When dessert and coffee are served.


But how will I know when I have grieved sufficiently?

How can I be certain that I have been sad

For an acceptable amount of time?

How can I be sure that I have shed enough tears?


How will I know that it’s okay to experience joy?

Should I be ashamed if I laugh at something comical?

Is it wrong to do something fun that she couldn’t do?

Can I purchase a Grief-O-Meter somewhere

So I can check all my grief-related questions?


The only way I will know if I am doing the right things

Is to think what she would say.

She would tell me to live my life, be happy,

And to think of her fondly when I start to get sad.



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