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“Open your arms to life! Let it strut into your heart in all its messy glory!”
–Deborah Wiles


The heart is an amazing organ!

Not only does it sustain every cell in your body,

But it also is the keeper of your emotions,

Monitoring whether you’re mad, sad, or glad.


The most strenuous job of your heart is to keep

All your other organs supplied with blood and oxygen.

But sometimes when you think with your heart,

It’s in conflict with what your head thinks.


Knowing what’s right or logical

Isn’t always the same as how you feel about it.

When you lose someone, you have no control over your heart.

It will take charge and have a mind of its own.


The flip side of your heart still has a hole

That seems like it will never heal.

At times, your heart holds too much sadness to bear

Without tender care from others and yourself.


You’ve been looking for ways to accept your loss,

But you have only had brief glimpses of reality.

Your head knows they’re not coming back,

But your heart is still pining for their return.


There’s no timer on your grief.

Let your heart lead the way

And always listen to it.

But don’t ignore your head!


There are no guarantees in life or death.

No test drives or practice runs allowed.

So, take your time in your grief journey

Because, as a wise person once told me,

“You can’t push a river.”



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