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Finding Hope

This week I was asked about writing a blog.  It should be an easy gig for me; however, my best writings have been on the fly without much thinking.  So, I picked up a pizza and a 6 pack and decided to give it the old college try.


The first topic was finding hope. I started to think about what hope is, where I can find hope, and why it is important. Then it hit me, the biggest question about hope. “What are you hoping for? What is it you want?” There really is only one thing I hope for.  I hope that once my kids are older and moving forward in life, that they can look back and say, “Dad did ok.”


The next question is, “How do I make that happen?”  First and foremost, I try not to make the same mistake twice.  I try my best to provide my kids with what they need, not always what they want.  I did the best I could to make sure the plans that were in place before are still intact.  I have often told people that I am just trying to keep the ship straight through the storm.  I know everyone means well when they tell me “I am so strong or doing a great job.” It seems that my scales are set much higher than everyone else.

The best place I have found is hope is from others in the same situation as me.  I am not the first one to travel down this road.  There have been many more before me and have had worse road than me.  Perhaps, I can leave the road smoother for those that follow and are looking to me for hope



Hey All- If you are looking for a place to find others traveling down a similar grief road to yourself connect with us here at Heartlinks to find a group. Even if we don’t have the exactly right group for you, we may know of a resource to help. Call us at (618) 277-1800 and ask for Heartlinks. Finding people who get some of what you are going through can make a real difference in your journey.

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  1. Hope, that’s my favorite word, after i lost my husband (97) i thought that’s my word

    Little did i know God had more grief planned for me – i lost my dght to postpartum psychosis
    Along with her family, husb (Matt) baby (Taylor). She was a licensed
    Sw. something came over… and now I’m left with the loss.

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