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“In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

~Sid Caeser

Educational Workshops



Heartlinks Grief Center offers educational workshops on a periodic / monthly basis.  We currently rotate through four different workshops:

Grief 101 - Grief 101 is a basic introduction to grief.  You will learn about grief, ways to help someone who is grieving and things you can do to manage your own grief!  Brief Q & A session following the presentation.  Dates and Time May Vary.


Muddling Through2-session workshop designed for anyone grieving but especially helpful to people with recent loss.  Time for learning, talking and sharing, along with a take-home guide for all participants.  Muddling through is designed for adults.  Older Teens welcome.


Heartbroken (Substance Related Losses)Heartbroken is a workshop designed after the Heartbroken book, written by Ellen Krohne.  This workshop discusses substance related losses and the stigmas associated with grieving those types of losses.  A short Q & A session will follow the presentation.  Dates and Time May Vary.


Supporting Kids & Teens Who Are Grieving - This workshop is designed for anyone in a supporting role for kids and teens that have lost someone they love.  Whether the child has lost a friend, parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent or someone else significant in their life, it's important for caregivers to understand how children grieve.  This workshop will take you through different ways that children's grief will appear and also tips and tricks to help the kids in your life manage.  A short Q & A session will follow the presentation.  Dates and Time May Vary.