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Heartlinks Team

Diana Cuddeback, LCSW

Heartlinks Director

Diana Cuddeback, LCSW is the Founding Director of Heartlinks Grief Center in Belleville, Illinois.  Since her first Children’s Grief Group in 1991, Diana has provided children, families, and individuals innovative grief programming. Heartlinks serves individuals of all ages before and after a loss due to death. Diana and the Heartlinks team, provide individual and family counseling, grief support groups, as well as portable grief outreach programs and grief education. Diana’s mission is to create a meaningful community of support for grieving people filled with learning, activity, fun and connection.



Jodi Flesner, Ph.D., LPC

Heartlinks Clinician and Program Coordinator

Jodi serves as Counselor and Program Coordinator and has eight years of experience as well as a personal connection to grief that fires her understanding and service.




Amosnee Davis, MA, QMHP

Heartlinks Clinician

Amosnee is the newest addition to the Heartlinks Family.  Amosnee entered the field of therapy nine years ago and was drawn to being a therapist because of her innate desire to want to help others feel better. Amosnee has worked with an array of clients and in different therapy settings ranging from a psychiatric unit to community mental health care to providing therapy to students in a school setting. In addition to those experiences, she has also helped some clients who were dealing with grief as well as recently losing an integral part of her own family, which was her grandmother.

Lori Landoll, MSW

Heartlinks Clinician

Lori comes to us with a wide variety of experiences beginning with an undergraduate degree in music therapy and a master’s degree in Social Work.  Lori embarked her professional career working with adolescents and young adults who had experienced extreme trauma.  Since then, she has branched out by providing counseling and teaching music to younger children and giving presentations on mental health topics to adults.  She is delighted to be interacting with people across the age spectrum and using all her past experiences to help her grow in this new adventure!


Macie Cain, LPC, PEL

Heartlinks Clinical Contractor

Macie is a clinical contractor for Heartlinks Grief Center and specializes in children and families.




Melissa Nicewaner, CC (Chaos Coordinator)

Heartlinks Administrative Coordinator

Melissa is the administrator for Heartlinks.  She is often the one who answers the phones and helps new clients get scheduled.  Melissa also runs social media and manages the office.  Her favorite thing about Heartlinks is the support it provides to the community.  She lost her father suddenly in 2015 and best friend died by suicide in 2016, so she understands how difficult grieving can be!