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“Just talking to people who understand helped me feel less overwhelmed. The written information made the difference in the middle of the night.”  


Anti-Racism Statement

Heartlinks serves a diverse community of grieving people.  We strive to create an inclusive environment where every child and adult feels safe, supported, and welcome.  As a proud member of the NACG (National Alliance for Children’s Grief). Heartlinks has adopted their anti-racism statement as a guidepost for our work with children and adults.


NACG Anti-Racism Statement

There is grief, trauma, and pain in communities across America.

Our grief unifies us.  We are in this together.

We will always use our voice to acknowledge the systemic racism and injustice in our society, and we are advocating for equity, inclusivity, and the protection of each and every child.

Supporting a bereaved child involves compassion and commitment through genuinely listening and understanding their unique experience while challenging those systems that oppress children and families of color.  It is an intentional process and teaches us so much about the hope and healing that can occur when you are heard and have space.

Every person deserves this, and it is time to demand it.

To every grieving child who is facing the injustice of our society’s racism and racial prejudice: We stand with you.  We will always use our voice for you.  We offer support to and with your communities and loved ones, so you are supported in your grief.


Click here to view this on NACG's website.